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Kareena’s birthday celebration

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Kareena Kapoor turned 31 a few days ago and she ushered it in quietly with beau Saif Ali Khan. Mansoor Ali Khan, Saif’s father is unwell, so Kareena decided not to have a big bash and grand celebrations. In fact, when the birthday wishes started pouring in, Kareena requested her well wishers to pray for Saif’s dad so that he might recover quickly.
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Lakshmi Rai takes break from Tamil films

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Lakshmi Rai has become a red hot sensation after delivering two mega hits - Kanchana and Mankatha. Her negative role in Mankatha especially has made people sit up and take notice. There is a demand for the actress all of a sudden, but suddenly she is unavailable and says she cannot sign any new Tamil films for the moment.
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‘Kiwwada Nahi, Nokiwwada Nahi’ coming soon

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he trailer of Kiwwada Nahi, Nokiwwada Nahiwhich is being shown at all theatres screening Mahindagamanya, has aroused interest among filmgoers. Janitha Marasinghe who produced Mago Digo Dai has produced the movie directed by veteran Lal Priyadewa.
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Rise of the Planet of the Apes now at Liberty Lite

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2011 American science fiction film Rise of the Planet of the Apes directed by Rupert Wyatt is now being screened at Liberty Lite (adjoining Liberty cinema). The CEL release stars James Franco, Freida Pinto, John Lithgow and Andy Serkis.
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MURDER 2 in Sri Lanka

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Mohit Suri’s latest Bollywood movie ‘Murder 2’ featuring Emraan Hashmi, former Miss Sri Lanka Jacquelin Fernandez and Ashmit Patel is now being screened in Sri Lanka.
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oronto hosted the 2011 International Indian Film Academy (IIFA). A glitzy glamorous event that lured many bollywood stars onto the green carpet. There were many big names that were missing for the awards night; notably the Bachan camp.
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Ethkanda Lihiniya: Jumbo weekend treat

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Nadeesha’s maiden  tele production unspools from June 4 on Rupavahini

Ethkanda Lihiniya – the maiden tele drama production of award-winning actress Nadeesha Hemamali will unfurl on Rupavahini at 9 pm on Saturdays and Sundays from June 4.
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Mahindagamanaya hits screens on Wednesday

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Seasoned director Sanath Abeysekara’s maiden movie creation ‘Mahindagamanaya’ based on the arrival of Buddhism to Sri Lanka is all set to be released in the Ridma and  CEL circuit from Wednesday, May 18 to coincide with the 2600 Sambuddhathwa Jayanthi.
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Watch the latest at Liberty Lite

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When Don Corleone told Johnny Fontane about Woltz, “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse,” he meant it! No one is to mess with Don Corleone, mob lord and the Godfather himself.

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Bipasha Basu "Sometimes I wish I were a boy”

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No matter how heroine oriented my roles are, everyone just sees the glamour. After all that, all people see is that I look hot and sexy, that isn't all I want. Besides in none of my films am I there for glamour value.
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Rani Faces Questions

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“I’m a simple person who wants to lead a simple life in the complex world of cinema. I knew this is difficult because life can get pretty complicated here. But I’m not waiting anxiously for something great or dramatic to happen to me. It’s the little, little things that make me smile. I’d be happy even if someone handed me a glass of water.”
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"Shreya Saran” 'As an actor I am selfish, I am never satisfied.’

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Shreya charms you  with her natural bonhomie. The girl is full of joie de vivre that its infectious. Perhaps the stupendous success of the film Sivaji has got a lot to do with it, says  Purnima Lamchhane in conversation with her.
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CHALLENGES premieres at Savoy

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Seasoned campaigner Udayakantha Warnasuriya’s latest cinematic creation ‘Challenges’ was premiered at Savoy Cinema, Wellawatte last Friday.
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Amrita Rao Who says exposing is the only way of survival?

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Even if you go that way people will say  “Oh, she’s hot but she can’t act.”

Amrita in an interview with Hamida Parkar says she doesn’t want to get stuck with women-oriented roles at this point. "Well known heroes don’t want to be a part of such films because they don’t have substantial roles in them.”
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Portman wins Oscar

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The Oscar for Best Director was won by British Director Tom Hopper for the King’s Speech and the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading role was won by Natalie Portman for her performance in Black Swan at the 83rd Academy Awards, now underway at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles, California
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Priyanka is Dhoom 3

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After much ado on who will be sharing the screen space with Aamir Khan in the third installment of the blockbuster Dhoom series, it is said that the role will be played by none other than the pretty and talented Priyanka Chopra.
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Challenges: A romantic tale

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‘Challenges’ Credits

Veteran filmmaker Udayakantha Warnasuriya’s latest cinematic creation ‘Challenges’ is all set to unspool in the EAP circuit after ‘Sinhawalokanaya’ that’s being screened now.
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Upeksha becomes a journalist

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She started off as a little dancer, then became an actress, then a singer and later entered Parliament at the last general elections. Today she is a journalist.
Popular actress cum Parliamentarian Upeksha Swarnamali who is still known among many as Paba, recently said she was playing the role of a journalist in a new tele drama.
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Mahindagamanaya coming for Vesak

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Seasoned director Sanath Abeysekara’s newest movie ‘Mahindagamanaya’ based on the arrival of Buddhism to Sri Lanka will be screened in the CEL circuit from May 18 this year to coincide with Vesak
The historic movie, which will coincide with the significant 2600 Sambuddha Jayanthi, was launched with the blessings of President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Buddha Sasana Ministry.
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Sinhala movies made on Buddhist themes

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Unlike in the past, today there is enthusiasm among artistes and filmmakers to base their creations on religious or philosophical themes. Today we wish to take a look at Sinhala movies made on Buddhist themes during the past 63 years,
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"Sinhawalokanaya" Opens innings from Friday

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‘Sinhawalokanaya’ – the much-looked forward-to cricket movie of the year will finally open its innings in the EAP circuit from January 14.
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Preparing for the poll
Visual and Performing Arts students’ protest
Bandarawela accident
Golden Key Investors demand justice
Preparing for the poll
Visual and Performing Arts students’ protest
Bandarawela accident
Golden Key Investors demand justice