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Wijeya Newspaper limited is the most innovative print media company in Sri Lanka. With a local circulation of over 1,000,000 copies in all three languages and a portfolio of over 14 publications, Wijeya Newspapers in definitely the print media company that can give you the cutting edge.

Daily Mirror is the largest selling independent English daily in Sri Lanka. Mirror is widely ascclaimed for its unbiased and balanced coverage on all spheres of local and foreign news, features, sports, business etc;
Reach your Potential audience
The new and improved Daily Mirror web page with it's main attraction; round the clock breaking news section and user comments on all current happenings making the headlines, has recorded a stunning average of 2 million hits per day at present. As most popular news site on the Web, has an extensive readership. Thus, we can offer you access to your ideal audience.

See some of the stats for month of January 2008 of Daily Mirror website. (Source: Sri Lanka Telecom)

Total Hits 67,366,721
Average Hits per Day 2,105,210
Total Visitors 1,305,045
Average Visitors per Day 40,782
Why we are unique?
Top 10 benefits you can have by choosing our website as advertising and promotional solution.

We are the 1st to launch 24/7 round the clock news updates as a local newspaper. ranked as the number 1 web site in Sri Lanka in the newspaper category.
source: (Leading web ranking site) Source URI
More than 2 million hit rate per day. (average)

40 000 visitors per Hour.(average)
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Different Advertisement slots available in the home page ( 20 slots )
Different advertising slots in the inner pages, such as FT, Sports, Life.
Can target different customer segments from various countries.
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Can link the ad to your company web site.
Cost effective pricing.
Audio video advertising facility.

Appealing to the eye
Daily mirror web site has around twenty spaces / slots on the front page and different sections on the home page where you can advertise your product or service, and has different price schemes which should fit in to your advertising budget.

Package - A

Mirror Home Page Ad spaces [Click here to view a sample]

Package - C

Mirror Blog center sponsorship Ad [Click here to view a sample]

Package - E

Mirror Print Edition Sponsorship Ad [Click here to view a sample]

Package - B

Mirror Meeting Room Sponsorship Ad [Click here to view a sample]

Package - D

Mirror Breaking News Inner Page Ad [Click here to view a sample]

Package - D

Global Warming Forum sponsership ad [Click here to view a sample]

And many more special customize packages as per your requirements.


Designing the ads, such as Flash clips, animations absolutely FREE of charge.
Special discounts for long term packages.
Special tie up packages from our other web sites such as Lankadeepa, HI magazine.


As the company policies, payments should be made prior to the ad is published.
The Cheque should be written in favour of " WIJEYA NEWSPAPERS LTD'' and A/C payee only.
Cheque should be couriered to the Wijey Newspaper LTD address and cheque should realize within 14 days.

Daily mirror online edition would give your company a valuable and a profitable advertising solution.
Ad rates
To know about ad rates and get further information contact:
Umair Wolid
Marketing - Web publishing
Mobile: 0094 772 961854
Direct Line: 0094 112 479439
Fax: 0094 112 448323
Email :
Gehan Blok
Manager – Digital Media
Mobile: 0094 779 824068
Direct Line: 0094 112 479443
Fax: 0094 112 448323
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